This Virginian Does NOT Discriminate

We are happy to give credit where credit is due. Governor Bob McDonnell, with the support of Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, issued Executive Directive One, re-affirming the position taken by Governors Kaine and Warner, that Virginia hires the best talent regardless of whether that employee is gay or straight. Within hours, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli reversed years of anti-gay demagoguery and applauded Governor McDonnell’s “tone.” Today was a success-story, and we are honored to have played a leading role in pressuring the Governor and the Attorney General to retract their earlier words.


But Actions speak Louder than Words. As Attorney General Cuccinelli carefully avoided pointing out in his somewhat vague statement: the law remains the same. The Virginia Code still does not protect GLBT Virginians from discrimination in the workplace, public or private. Governor McDonnell should do more than say the state won’t discriminate against gays: he should work to make it law. We call on Governor McDonnell to pledge that he will introduce and support legislation codifying protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender state employees. Governor McDonnell’s earlier decision to retract protections for GLBT state workers, along with Attorney General Cuccinelli’s earlier letter to Boards of Visitors, expose the fragile nature of Executive Orders and Directives. If Governor McDonnell means what he says – and we sincerely hope that he does – than he must promise to guarantee protections for GLBT state employees in law.


The Virginia Young Democrats call for our March 12th Facebook Day of Action stands. We will use this opportunity to encourage our members to send emails and letters to their legislators and the Governor calling for the codification the intent of Executive Directive One. We call on all civic and political organizations to join us in this common-sense effort.

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